First airing in 2009, award winning advertisement Carousel hit the online market hard. A brilliant display of cinematography, one shot tracking, visual effects, and storyline compiled together to make one breath-taking commercial for Phillips Cinema 21:9 LCD Televisions. The actual televisions themselves are impressive and the Phillips company were the first to release a TV with a 21:9 ratio. The benefits to a 21:9 ratio picture are the ability to view the content at it’s full size by getting rid of those black bars along the top of the screen. Ideally, this aspect ratio is designed for Cinescope or the modern anamorphic format. The selling point for this advertisement was not about TVs at all, but rather the sheer cinematic awe of a one-of-a-kind  masterpiece. There are many great one shot tracking shots in movies and television, and I have seen several that are almost mesmerizing in the way the camera tracks and follows a series of events all on one take. This is an extremely difficult maneuver to pull off because everything on set has to be perfect, from the timing to the actors and all around. The impressive ones can run one take for several minutes long with no wasted motion or time. Having one continuous shot while changing environments and characters is a daunting task only pulled of by the best. What is especially interesting about Carousel is the tracking shot sifts through a robbery in progress and tracks the action, the twist is that everyone in the shot is completely still the entire time. The camera glides between scenes almost like a frozen moment in time, we dodge bullets, broken glass, and more as the journey continues. Carousel blends motion picture and photographs into one seemingly 3-dimensional action ride. Add the visual effects and you have one of the best advertisement films of the decade. Take a look for yourself below.


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