Sometimes the process of a project can get overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. Here are a list of 24 of the most popular questions we are asked about, if you have a question about something you will most likely find the answer here.

1. What should I consider when transferring from analog format to a digital one?

Retaining video quality without ‘dropouts’ ‘flagging’ or ‘tension lines’ are the primary goal when converting analog media to digital. We use specialized machines to try and correct these things from happening but sometimes they still do happen. A videotape naturally deteriorates over time so instead of letting it sit in the Florida moist air, bring it on in to us for a closer examination of what to do. We will go over all of your options.

2. What are the differences between digital formats?

The differences can be the media players that play them, the computer or device by which they are played, and how well they are played across the board. Each format brings its own unique set of properties.

3. What are the broadcast standards for submitting video to a TV station?

It depends on the TV station but most accept electronic delivery through a number of file sharing sites. Most require bars and tone and a slate at the beginning, and most require the user to have an encoding program to select specific attributes that work with their company.

4. How can I tell if my video is SD or HD?

Is your video on DVD? Then you have SD footage. Video8, Hi8, DVCAM, Beta, ¾ Inch are all SD video formats. See a complete list at

5. How do you scan a negative of a photo?

Taking a light source and placing it behind the scanned image can bring out the picture in a negative photo.

6. How do you fix a broken tape?

Find out here

7. What type of adjustments can you make to enhance a photo/video?

Color correction, color grading, noise reduction, and sharpening are a few of the many adjustments that we use to improve quality in your video or photo project.

8. How do I upload/download from your site?

We have an online storage website where users can upload and download files with ease. Contact our media department if you would like to use our online storage.

9. Where can I find out more information on archiving videotape?

You can find all the information you need here

10. What are the differences between hard drives?

There are a lot of differences with some more subtle than others. The size of a hard drive is the biggest difference. Most of our products range from 500GB to 4TB and offer a combination of USB 3.0, Firewire 800, and ESATA.

11. What are the benefits to converting to a digital file over a DVD?

Think about storing for the long-term. A DVD will get damaged over time and you are handcuffed to a DVD player if you want to play it. A digital file will not get physically damaged and can play over the internet, laptop, smart TV, flash drive, or any number of options. A digital file will also retain all the data from the original transfer and not have to be compressed to fit on a DVD.

12. What is the difference between duplication and replication?

Replication is a process where the data is physically pressed onto the disc and is used primarily for orders of more than 1000. Whereas duplication is burned using duplication towers, and is used for smaller orders typically under 1000.

13. What do I need to give you in order to print?

We like our customers to use our templates because it makes it easier and more accurate for both parties when using a universal standard. You can design, align, and scale your artwork with our easy to use templates, or we can design one for you.

14. How does video editing work?

Bring in your media and explain what you want done. You can choose to sit down and explain to the editor as you go or leave and come back. All work must be approved by you before any duplication or printing occurs.

15. If I drop off my videos today, how soon can I have them converted?

We usually try to get your videos converted within a day or two. Of course the more tapes or files you have the longer it takes.

16. Can you do a 1 day turnaround?

Yes, we specialize in getting orders in and out quickly and if you let us know that it needs to be a 1 day turnaround we are more than happy to do that for you.

17. Can you package and print large orders?

Yes, no job is too large at Horizon Media Express we have done orders well into the thousands.

18. Where can I find your latest information and updates?

The best way to follow us is on Facebook or the “What’s On The Horizon” blog.

19. Can I add music to my video?

You must own the copyright to any music we add to your project. If you are taking a song from the radio or from iTunes then you do not own the copyright.

20. Do you have deals or specials for any of your products?

We update our website regularly with new pricing, check us out.

21. How much video can fit on a playable DVD?

A playable DVD can hold up to 6hrs or 4.7 GB. However, we recommend not putting more than 2 hours on a playable DVD because quality loss will occur after the 2 hours.

22. How much video can fit on a Data DVD?

A Data DVD only goes by file size so you can fit any length as long as the file size is under 4.7GB

23. How much audio can fit on a CD?

80 minutes or 700MB

24. What are my disc printing options?

You have 2 options when it comes to printing on discs: Thermal and Inkjet. Thermal gives you a high gloss finish and is looked at as the more professional of the two options. Inkjet has a matte finish and looks more like something on a home printer.