Have you heard about the latest release from Blackmagic Design? If not, here is a little rundown of what it is and what you can expect. Blackmagic Design offers professional video and audio related products to companies in the professional video market. At Horizon Media Express, we use Blackmagic Design a lot to help bring you the best video for your viewing. Their products are an industry benchmark and are constantly being updated and upgraded. Their products are used to develop feature films, documentaries, and other professional projects. Recently, Blackmagic Design has offered their customers some pretty sweet graphics software for free. It’s called Fusion 7 and it is one of the most advanced pieces of compositing software out there for visual effects artists…and its free. Now, there is a ‘studio’ version that offers more customization and that software will run you a little under $1000. So in comparison to the studio version, you get a whopping amount of juice for practically nothing. You just need to be running Windows and have the necessary minimum requirements. You can check out the full specifications here. 



Like Blackmagic Design’s products, Fusion has been featured in over 1000 major Hollywood blockbuster films so you can be sure there is some serious power in here. Creating 3D environments, keying, animation, particles, and advaced title animation are now more real than ever and the complexity is up to you. Have you ever experimented with rotoscoping? If you have in the past, you know what a nightmare it is but now with Fusion 7 you are looking at accurate and responsive rotoscoping tools that do the work for you (even better than you can). Fusion 7 seems to mainly focus on 3D environments and visual effects artists have certainly pushed this piece of software to the limit.


Fusion 7


This little lightning bolt in a box is synonymous with Blackmagic as a company. They only put out the best for their creators and developers and so by making Fusion 7 available for free I believe they are hoping to have more people creating innovative products that everyone will benefit from. By the looks of the interface, this product is not for the faint of heart. If you haven’t used advanced video, audio, or animation software than this will look pretty intimidating. However, it is something I think visual effects artists should look into and even anyone who wants to experiment with a professional piece of software from one of the most respected brands in the industry. And besides, its free so there really isn’t anything to lose!


Have you used Fusion 7 or Fusion 7 Studio before? We would like to know what you think!