Wait a minute…so you are telling me that Google Pro is now free?

Yes, this $400 product is now free (sorry if you already purchased this).

I always thought the concept was pretty amazing to tell you the truth. I mean the only way I used to see other parts of the world was buying a map and looking at pale green and blue colors of land and sea. Snapshots of other countries and lands seemed too distant for me to gather any sort of connection with. If you haven’t checked out Google Earth you should really look into downloading the new Google Earth Pro. It is a way to see the world in a whole new light using an interactive program that makes it fun to venture through. Fly around the world looking at high resolution images of real streets and cities, pin destinations you have been to or learn about places you haven’t.










What makes Pro great is those high definition images you see (and I’m talking 4,800 x 3,200 pixel resolution here) they are printable! The original version only allows up to 1000px to be printed. This works great for those who need images of specific buildings or areas of land. Google Earth Pro also allows up to 2500 addresses to be ingested at once, I don’t know why you would need that but it is however, an option for you.


  • Advanced measurements: Measure parking lots and land developments with polygon area measure, or determine affected radius with circle measure.
  • High-resolution printing: Print images up to 4,800 x 3,200 pixel resolution.
  • Exclusive pro data layers: Demographics, parcels, and traffic count.
  • Spreadsheet import: Ingest up to 2,500 addresses at a time, assigning place marks and style templates in bulk.
  • Movie-Maker: Export Windows Media and QuickTime HD movies, up to 1,920×1,080-pixel resolution.


(Google Earth Pro specifications courtesy www.cnet.com/news/get-google-earth-pro-for-free)



So why is Google Earth Pro now suddenly free to the public? Well it has something to do with the fact that charging $399 was not attracting many buyers. Google put their original Google Earth app out a long time ago as has worked like magic ever since. I think people were slightly turned off that the pro version costs them an arm and a leg. It also has to do with by broadening the spectrum of users, they can possibly gain revenue in the long run.


Honestly, even if you don’t use Google Earth very much or at all, it is always a nice feeling to get a $400 product for free! So check it out, at the very least you will find some cool destinations for your next vacation spot.