FAQs About our professional tape transfers and consumer tape transfers. First, know what you want your end product to be. If you are doing a tape transfer job with us, here are our options for delivery, each of which has its own benefits.

Playable DVD – This type of DVD will play in standard DVD players and will open as a playable movie on a computer.

• This is our default for home video transfers. All videotape to DVD transfers are done in our facility.
• Holds up to 2 hours of video without quality loss (after 2 hours you may experience a drop in quality)
• Video will auto-start and stop.
• Standard transfers only use single layer DVDs, dual layer DVDs are for other projects.

Data DVD – This type of DVD will not play in standard DVD players but can be opened as digital files on a computer.

• Used primarily as a cheaper alternative to external hard drives/flash drives. Small capacity for short videos.
• Easy to access for copying to your computer, home network or social media.
• These DVDs are burned using a hard coat, meaning they are more resistant to drops and scratches.
• Both Playable DVDs and Data DVDs hold 4.7 GB of space.

External Hard Drives – This type of storage is very common for those storing a large amount of multimedia.

• Used mainly for professional transfers or large quantity consumer videotape transfers.
• Portability ranges from pocket-sized to desktop mounted and may or may not require additional power.
• If dropping a new hard drive off, let us know what format you prefer. Mac or PC.
• Be sure your computer has the correct inputs before buying a new hard disc drive.

USB Flash Drives – This type of storage is most common for on-the-go people with basic multimedia needs.

• The most common size USB flash drives are the 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and the 32GB drives.
• Extremely portable, can be carried in pocket or on a key chain.
• Varies in size and durability but most are not resistant to distress.
• USB flash drives are normally formatted to be used in both Mac & PC computers. However, they can be formatted specifically for one or the other only.

FTP- This is an online storage option hosted by Horizon Media Express or your preferred service.

• Access your digital files from anywhere, whether it is your computer, laptop, or phone.
• Password protected so your files are always secure.
• Upload new files from anywhere and we can download them and send them wherever you need it.
• Most common way of electronic delivery for commercial spots.