Video Tape to DVD

Video tape transfers is a service we offer to capture old or new, high definition or standard definition tape formats and preserve or deliver in a digital format that can be used in various ways. You can either choose a format that best fits your purpose or we can help you decide which format best works for you.



Our professional video transfer service utilizes broadcast equipment to ensure a crisp, rich and great sounding transfers that retain the original quality of your high definition video or “spruces” up the quality of your older broadcast standard definition formats.

If you prefer just a standard DVD or Blu-Ray disc of your home videos, please visit our Video to DVD page.

What does a Grey Wolf and vintage video tape have in common? Both are almost extinct. Luckily, you can preserve one of the two but both are dangerously close to being in the history books. So if you have your old videos still kicking around on video tape somewhere you may want to think about finding a newer format to store them on before it’s too late.

We have been working with video tape for over 23 years. What comes with this experience is the understanding and what is expected of each vintage format. These older formats need to be evaluated for structural integrity of the shell and the tape itself. We know what to look for and how to “dial in” the audio & video signal to its utmost potential while retaining broadcast specifications.

What type of digital format do we create for you? You can either request a custom digital format or we can suggest which format would be best for your situation. Choosing the right digital format depends on several factors such as file size, editing suite, long-term storage or internet delivery.

We support several vintage tape formats including Umatic 3/4″, D2, BetaSP, Digital Beta and several other common formats. If your not sure what format you have, give us a call and we can help.


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