DVD & Blu-Ray Video Mastering

DVD, CD, BLU-RAY mastering is a straight forward process depending on what kind of experience you have with video and graphic design programs. Without having experience with all the different high definition, standard definition video format specifications and encoding techniques you could be getting yourself in over your head which in return could delay your project by not meeting your client expectations making the process complex and frustrating. Allow us to assist you in creating a DVD, CD or BLU-RAY master so you can focus on your next client.

We can create a DVD, CD, or Blu-Ray master from just about any type of digital or tape format on location making the process quick and convenient. If you can’t make it in just send a link (FTP) or we can supply a link for you to upload your files.

We offer DVD and Blu-Ray mastering custom setups as seen below:

  • Auto start, auto stop, auto loop functions.

  • Custom designed menus or video frame grabs for the menu backdrop.

  • Custom scene selections for specific chapter points.

  • Copy protection for DVDs only.

  • Free basic master with auto-start with 100 copies or more. (from download or digital files only).

CD mastering:

  • Cassette or digital file to CD.

  • Basic quality enhancements.

  •  FREE CD master with 50 copies or more (from download or digital files only).


Menu Samples:





DVD Menu Design



Blu-Ray menu design