Video Editing Services

Clients such as Walt Disney World, International Leadership Foundation, and Greater Works Ministries have trusted us with their post production needs and you can too! For over 23 years Horizon Media Express has been delivering quality service at a fast rate. Central Florida is a competitive marketplace for small business so promote your business so you can stay ahead of the competition.

Your audience deserves the best so give them what they want by creating an engaging and motivated product with your video footage. Do you have video that you need to organize onto a DVD? Do you need to compile clips into a demo reel for yourself? How about wedding footage that needs to be edited together? Well you have come to the right place because for us, editing isn’t just about putting things in order. It’s about creating a visual experience that people will carry with them long after they watch. Whether that be delivering a touching wedding video with sentimental music, motion graphics, and slideshows; an action-packed sports reel with triumphant music, slick titles, and all the best highlights; or commercial videos that will put you head and shoulders above the others not using video to promote themselves.





Once your video is complete there are several options for delivery. For those looking to put their video on the web and social media we offer: Digital files that can go on Data DVDs, hard drives, or our online storage so you can download it right to your computer or tablet. For those looking to go on broadcast or local tv we offer: Broadcast specific digital files for FTP delivery and videotape delivery. For those who just want it to keep themselves we offer any and all options listed above and will customize for your needs.