Have you ever thought about getting a GoPro for one reason or another? Are you not sure why you would need one or what the capabilities are? Well, Im here to hopefully answer some questions you may have or at least fill you in on what the latest and greatest is from GoPro. If you have looked up GoPro videos online then you already know about the breath-taking visuals and stunning point-of-view angles that make the portable camera a top seller worldwide. With the new GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition now coming out, the only limitation is your imagination.

If only GoPros were available when I was a kid I would have so many great experiences to share. Unfortunately, what was popular back then were the same videotape that you all are bringing to us. The quality was poor, the cameras were huge and as for the durability? Well lets just say the cameras back then made a loud noise when you drop them while trying to ride your bike (believe me I know). The GoPro camera and others like it are a revolution for the video industry because of the unique first person point-of-view angle. For the first time we have been brought out of traditional third person view and invited to join the cameramen on their experience.











The new GoPro Hero 4 Black ramps up the frame rate by making HD 1080p available at a whopping 120fps which had previously only been available for 720p, 4K is available at 30fps and 2K at 50fps.  It also packs double the processor, double the image quality, and a new ‘night-lapse’ mode for shooting the sky at night! Night-lapse mode has to be my personal favorite not only because of how incredible it must look but it has always been a difficulty to capture something so far away with such low lighting that making this feature available is a true testament to the developers. The improved audio has to be a fan favorite because if you have ever used one you know that sometimes it can sound like whoever is talking is wearing a spacesuit where the audio is muffled and hard to hear. This new GoPro is proving to be the best one yet and is available for $499.99.

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