YouTube Introduces New Video Services! But Will They Work?


Have you heard of YouTube’s latest and greatest accessories for video? If not here they are in a nutshell:

  • Subtitles for every video in every language. Though the subtitle feature is not yet active like the rest of these on the list, it is one of YouTube’s primary goals states their CEO Susan Wojcicki “Our goal is to make it that every video uploaded to YouTube will be available in every language”. Tip-Jar


  • Options for uploading 60fps video. While this may not be the most dramatic upgrade on this list, it does serve a purpose for those vlogging video game footage or those shooting 720p at 60fps. There is no doubt that YouTube is the most diverse video streaming site on the internet and their abilities just keep getting better.



  • This last one seems like a good idea but has huge potential to backfire. One of their biggest changes will be the addition of what YouTube is calling a ‘tip jar’. Which basically is what you think it would be- a way to tip creators between $1-$500 for their video efforts in hopes to raise fundraising efforts with companies like Indiegogo and Kickstarter.It sounds like a good idea but do they realize who they are talking to? A sea of fans that because of such broad exposure to all things on the internet WILL NOT pay anyone for their efforts. I’m sorry but I’m being realistic. I have seen some very talented people on YouTube that deserve to be tipped for their efforts but it is so much easier to just watch the video and give it a like than to verify credit card information and tip an amount every time something interesting pops up. The YouTube community isn’t looking to hand out money to people; we just want to be entertained for the time being before we have to go to work. Something YouTube will have to figure out is how to get past the ‘Why tip when I can watch it for free’ mentality which, is the mentality of everyone watching online videos. It is different if the video is offering a service or something like that but to tip just because you like the video? Sorry, not happening. If I am walking down the street and see someone on the sidewalk playing guitar, I may choose to tip what change I have on me for their efforts, but I am not going to set up an account online and tip away at videos because there is too much hassle involved and I can’t flick my quarters at the computer screen. That is the difference.