Digital Archiving

digital footage archiving


Audio and video tape recordings of public meetings represent a living history of a community. Decisions and actions taken at these meetings define what communities become and it’s critical to safeguard for future generations.

Unfortunately, tapes have a limited lifespan. To preserve them, it’s important to store tapes in a cool and dry space. It’s also best to “exercise” (fast forward & rewind) them once a year to keep the thin plastic ribbon from binding over time. Of course, all of this takes time, effort and dedicated storage space.

An alternative to perpetual storage is Digital Archiving. At Horizon Media Express, we specialize in converting obsolete analog tape formats to digital files that can be easily backed up and made available for public download. These standard MP4 files can be watched on nearly any computer – Windows or Mac.

Our lab features professionally maintained analog deck of almost every type as well as broadcast quality analog to digital processing converters. If your tapes are damaged, there’s even a good chance we can restore them back to health.

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