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Video tape transfers is a service we offer to capture old or new, high definition or standard definition tape formats and preserve or deliver in a digital format that can be used in various ways. You can either choose a format that best fits your purpose or we can help you decide which format best works for you. Our professional video transfer service utilizes broadcast equipment to ensure a crisp, rich and great sounding transfers that retain the original quality of your high definition video or “spruces” up the quality of your older broadcast standard definition formats. We have been working with video tape for over 23 years. What comes with this experience is the understanding and what is expected of each vintage format. These older formats need to be evaluated for structural integrity of the shell and the tape itself. We know what to look for and how to “dial in” the audio & video signal to its utmost potential while retaining broadcast specifications.


Restoring archived videotape is becoming more and more common because of the deterioration that is caused my wear and tear or simply aging over time. We suggest to digitize your tapes with us before these problems come up, however, we understand these things do happen and we will be here to help get you out of the jam. The Miami Heat organization has been one of our most recent customers who’s library of archived 3/4″ tape was thought to be all but lost, until we restored and cleaned up their tapes and brought years of basketball memories back to life. There are so many ways that vintage videotape can deteriorate or become unplayable, every tape has an expiration date and the Florida humidity doesn’t do them any good. By using a slew of professional recording decks, TBC machines, and sound mixers we specialize in restoring and digitizing video so you can share them with clients, friends, and family.

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